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Mankind have a lot of new ways to learn; tell them I say they can use the word and shoot darkness; don't get upset if light doesn't shine; tell them I say also most of what they are listening to is the mind of someone else's original mind; the corruption system should stop and kill them. The human population is under the wrong government control; they are fooling the people. Question: How are we going to break free from the old way of
Rule: What I experience is the home government working the corrupt side of the law; they are working as a team. I see a lot of facts that set up lots of people from worldwide ghetto cities because of misunderstanding that the old system has good sides that protect the people in all communication communities. I wake up because the home government is saving the human population from a landslide.

Everything in texting in this article has a reality. The whole wrong side of the passten is working with the present to kill all natural nations of humanity, believe it or not. They continue to convince and control the human race. They control all the young population, and every generation they make plans to trick them leads them to their own falling. I see them using them to redo my whole online media creation of dealfigure entertainment on my whole style of my artist name Styafiya and give them to the home government to stop all my online business income here in America. They are going against the constitution, the freedoms act, and the When mankind created opportunity on his own, the corruption government took it away and tricked the people into feeding them lies. This goes for all languages of notion. What I am observing is the present corrupt system working together to keep the people on the bad side of the pass, the good  passten law not allowing them to destroy the earth. They want all the in-home government to end gang law day to over. They tell me they want a new America. This is the time they end corrupt law from attacking the inersent people. broadjam.com/styafiya

When mankind stops and does more thinking on what they thought, the earth will have a new awakening. They will have eyes to see the pretending mindset that is misleading, and here is an example of how they are going out of their way to fool the people. Wrong government planning bad seeds against me if mankind was doing there reaching what they will know that they send government to kill me and they basically break all my Constitution human rights.

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