Leaked bodycam shows Suffolk Police fatally shooting suspect who stabbed an officer in Bay Shore

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A man who allegedly attacked a police officer, stabbing him in the snowy front yard of a Long Island home, was fatally shot and killed Saturday morning, police said.

Three officers from the Suffolk County Police Department responded to a home on Udall Road in Bay Shore around 9 a.m. for a 911 call reporting a domestic disturbance, Acting Commissioner Robert Waring said at a press conference.

Waring said two of those officers walked up to the front of the home, with one of the officers opening a screen door, when the caller's husband allegedly charged at them. The man was armed with a large knife, police said, when he jumped on top of one of the officers and started stabbing the cop.

The suspect, identified as Taiquell Woodson, stabbed the officer repeatedly, "clearly intending to him," Waring said.

One of the other officers tried to use a taser, which apparently did not work, before the third officer fired their service weapon, striking the man. Waring said the suspect was transported to the hospital, where he was ultimately pronounced dead.

The injured officer was taken to a local hospital, where doctors said a full recovery was expected, but there was the possibility of nerve damage.

"This was a justified shooting. Without the decisive actions of these officers, one of our officers would have been killed today. I am grateful that our officers will be going home to their families," Waring said outside Stony Brook Hospital.

The commissioner told reporters that the incident had been captured on body-worn cameras, but that the footage would "not be released at this time."

Waring also refused to expand on what circumstances led up to the 911 call, but said the caller and a 1-year-old baby at the residence were unharmed.

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