Pickup truck falls into canal after driver forgets to set the handbrake

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A pickup truck fell into a canal after the driver forgot to pull the handbrake before leaving.

The owner parked his vehicle in front of his friend’s house before it slowly rolled backwards in Patum Thani province, Thailand on August 15.

It reached into a road where shocked drivers slowed down to evade the oncoming pickup truck until it fell into a roadside canal.

The driver only knew about what happened to his car after visiting his friend and was confused when he came out and searched for his missing truck.

He said: ‘I was just talking to my friend and when we were finished, I came out and my car was not there. I walked and looked around until I realised what happened.

‘Some of the people in the area called me and pointed to the pickup truck which was in the canal. They told me what happened and we watched the CCTV.’

A local rescue team arrived at the scene to assist the driver and towed the pickup truck from the canal before it was taken to the repair shop.

No one was reportedly hurt nor damaged except for the pickup truck. The driver thanked the rescue team and apologised for what happened.

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