Johns Creek police officer, bystanders save an elderly man who was having a heart attack

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A Johns Creek police officer and bystanders worked together to save the life of an elderly man whose heart stopped while he was driving.
Witnesses say the 81-year-old man's car was rolling on its own, so they blocked his vehicle to stop it from going any further.

Officer Montero arrived at the scene and found the man passed out inside the car.

The officer's body camera caught the moment he and other people on the scene worked together to smash the car's window and get the man out safely.

"Keep breathing," the officer is heard telling the man while he and the group assess the situation.

Officials say Montero was able to perform CPR and get the man's heart started again.

Paramedics quickly arrived at the scene to take the man to a nearby hospital. He has since recovered.

"Thank you to the citizens and Officer Montero for your quick thinking and life-saving actions," the Johns Creek Police Department said in a statement.

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