Body cam video released in deadly Brevard shooting of accused kidnapper

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New body cam video from the Indian River County Sheriff's Office shows moments deputies caught up to a kidnapping suspect who was later shot dead.

In a portion of the video, deputies tell the suspect he's surrounded and firearms are pointed at him. WESH 2 News is still reviewing all of the body cam footage.

The chase began in southern Osceola County, where Curtis Kimbrough fled law enforcement, leading them through Indian River and Brevard counties on June 25.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office took the lead on the investigation and told WESH 2 that the suspect shot one of the hostages in what appeared to be a domestic dispute.

When Kimbrough dragged the wounded woman to the car, her roommate attempted to help her, but she was forced into the vehicle as well.

The chase ended in a wooded area in southern Brevard.

“Using the light from the helicopter to blind him, there was very good control, I think, from the officers that ended up confronting him,” Tod Goodyear of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said. “And people that had a shot or had the best shot that wouldn’t hit the hostage – took it.”

There were 15 officers on the ground during the standoff. Deputies believe four or five took shots.

Helicopters played a big role at the end of the chase.

“Luckily for everybody, we have helicopters,” Goodyear said.

“With them being able to sit overhead, we know where he is, we know where he’s going. We understand the threat if he's moving toward a populated area. During this time, he was not,” Goodyear said.

Kimbrough served five years with the Florida Department of Corrections for methamphetamine trafficking and illegal firearm possession as a convicted felon.

He was released in 2021.

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