India motor mysteries: Spooky bike travels without a rider, and SUV rams pharmacy

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There is never a dull day on India's many roads, but a riderless motorbike and an SUV ramming through a pharmacy shopfront were unusual even so.

In one incident, video captured the moment a Bullet brand motorbike spooked commuters by riding down the Pune-Nashik highway in Maharashtra without a rider. The distinctly creepy incident happened on Monday 9 August.

A Jeep driver coming in the opposite direction paused to let it pass, after which it made a turn and fell down on its own.

But Pune traffic police said there was nothing mystical about the incident -- the bike's rider had hit a pedestrian a few moments before and fallen off the bike, after which it continued its journey for almost 90m (300 feet) before falling over.

Narayangaon police inspector Prithviraj Tate said the pedestrian, Janardhan Datta, was seriously injured. They had to be taken to hospital and legal action has begun, he said.

In another incident, a pharmacy shop owner and his assistant narrowly dodged an attack by man who rammed his vehicle into their shop repeatedly.

Police sources said the shopkeeper, Hargovind Agarwal, had resisted an extortion attempt by local goon Manoj Mahla, who decided to teach him a lesson.

That turned out to be a mistake as Mahla was later arrested and jailed for his actions.

The incident happened in Mukundgarh in Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan on June 28.

Exactly a month later the shop was again attacked, this time by a mob. Fortunately, Agarwal and another man in the shop escaped without serious injury.

Police are tracing the culprits and investigating if both the incidents are related.

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