Midweek Matinee - The Air Umbrella

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about 8 or 9 years ago me and a fellow 'Leaker from another place (anglosaxonwarlord) went to a Media Fair in the West Midlands held in the former Bingley Hall where we purchased half a dozen discs of the original Rank Media 'Look at Life' films (pre-vid days) from the 1960's all in their glorious .avi vibrant colours....they were a 'magazine' of Contemporary British Life....apparently, Rank wanted to compete with the Big Boys from Hollywood and produce a series to rival the big glossy world-wide US groups....it lasted for the decade but never really stood the test of time but what it did do was to leave a comprehensive film archive of the UK in all it's forms from this outstanding decade to rival ALL decades the 1960s! in the early 1990's Rank divested itself of everything that cost cash to concentrate on cash-rich activities like Gambling and the like (Bingo and Lotto etc) ...this film is taken from 'The Military Disc'. I seem to recall they numbered in their many hundreds.... I think I posted perhaps 500 or so over a 6 year period...here's a disc I found that had fell behind the freezer and never knew existed (true dat!) so there's a few more of these to come if people like.

Be forewarned though these ain't no 45 second TukTak vids and if it's that you want you are advised to Michael Jackson for this ain't meant for you but, conversely, should you like the genre take a gander at this gem...

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