Trumpturd parade goes wrong

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Oh, my bad! I mean! "Pride" parade (but pretty much the same thing between those two groups)

A member of a gay men's chorus group unintentionally slammed into fellow chorists at the start of a Pride parade in South Florida, killing one member of the group and seriously injuring another, the group's director said Sunday, correcting initial speculation that it was a hate crime directed at the gay community.
Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Paul Rolli and Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis said the early investigation shows it was an accident. The 77-year-old driver was taken into custody, but police said no charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.
The elderly driver had ailments that prevented him from walking, according to a statement Sunday from Fort Lauderdale Police, who said he was cooperating with the investigation and there was no evidence drugs or alcohol was involved.
The driver allegedly told police 'that his foot became stuck between the gas pedal and the brake causing him to lose control of the vehicle' (Riiiight! So, what's the bloody point of steering a bloody truck with automatic transmission? Your left leg is just there for decoration or something ya muppet?
'The early investigation now indicates it looks like it was a tragic accident, but nobody's saying finally what it is,' Rolli said in a phone interview.
Trantalis, who is Fort Lauderdale's first openly gay mayor, initially told reporters the act was deliberate, adding to the confusion Saturday night.
In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Trantalis told The Sun Sentinel: 'This was a terrorist attack against the LGBTQ community. He [the driver of the truck] came here to destroy people. This was clearly no accident.'
On Sunday he said in a statement on Twitter: 'It terrorized me and all around me, omg, allahfockbar, omg, allahfockbar... I feared it could be intentional based on what I saw from mere feet away. As the facts continue to be pieced together, a picture is emerging of an accident in which a truck careened out of control.'

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