Two Euclid officers injured in fatally shootout with armed suspect when serving an eviction notice

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Police in Euclid say the man who opened fire at police after being served an eviction notice is dead.

In a Facebook post sent on Friday afternoon, the Euclid Police Department says officers were called to the 700 block of East 250th Street to assist the Euclid Court Bailiff with an eviction on Thursday. The resident, Chad McGraw, 52, verbally refused to come out when ordered by the bailiff.

Per eviction procedures, a locksmith was able to unlock the front door. When the door was opened, shots were fired from within the house toward the bailiff and police. While the bailiff and locksmith were able to escape safely, one Euclid police officer was trapped on the porch as more shots were fired. Other officers were able to assist their comrade from the porch, while more law enforcement agencies and the EDGE (Eastside Departments Group Enforcement) SWAT Team arrived.

SWAT officers found McGraw inside the house with a gunshot wound to his head. A loaded handgun was also recovered. McGraw was transported by paramedics to University Hospitals, where he later died from his injuries. No other person was located within the home.

The EDGE Bomb Squad also responded due to reports of possible explosive materials at the home. However, no explosives were discovered.

Euclid police say two officers suffered minor injuries. Both were treated and released from local hospitals.

This investigation is ongoing.

While the standoff was taking place, Euclid police set a perimeter in the 700 block of East 250th Street. That road was reopened by Thursday evening.

One witness told 3News' Neil Fischer that they heard approximately 20 gunshots. Fischer reported that police used a bullhorn to order the suspect inside the house to come out. Around 4:30, the SWAT team entered the house. Minutes later, police brought McGraw out, putting him on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

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