Bodycam shows Cobb County firefighters rescued a man from a burning house in unincorporated Marietta

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The fire started late afternoon, around 4 p.m., said Lt. Steve Bennett, a Cobb Fire spokesman. The house is on Horseshoe Bend Road, off Powder Springs Road.

Initial indications are that the fire was electrical, Bennett said. Firefighters believe the fire began in a bedroom. The victim tried to escape by entering a bathroom and trying to break the window, but was unsuccessful. Neighbors reported seeing the victim through the window and notified firefighters.

The crew from engine 10 was first to arrive, and used a ladder to go in through the window and rescue the man. Engine 30 arrived and began fire extinguishment efforts to protect the victim and crews who were already inside. Squad 7 went to the rear of the house to assist with the rescue.

“Within 20 minutes, they got there, found the victim, rescued him, had the fire extinguished, and then were just searching for hot spots, kind of doing some mop-up,” Bennett said.

Cobb Fire posted body cam footage on social media showing firefighters pulling the man through the window and carrying him down the ladder. They then performed first aid before transporting him to the hospital.

“The patient appears to be alert and responsive,” Bennett said.

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