Vietnamese man blows own trumpet with record number of brass instrument repairs

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This man in Ho Chi Minh City blew his trumpet as he spoke about his record nummber of brass instrument repairs.

Nguyen Duy Khang has restored thousands of trumpets and saxophones, earning him a spot in the Vietnam Book of Records for the most successful trumpet repairs.

He spoke on how he got into the business: "This profession is the family tradition of my grandfather in the past. I have been in the profession since I was a kid.

"I went to school in the morning and watched my grandfather work in the afternoon, then I learned a trade. When I grew up, I worked in this profession. Finally remembered the profession of repairing the trumpet and returned to start working again."

Khang added: "I am a craftsman, I have to make it as perfect as a trumpet when it comes out of the factory. I adjusted it perfectly, only to get the correct sound.

"This profession requires a very high level of art and technique.

He also mentions how he fixes instruments for various artists: "Here, I fix symphony orchestras and foreign artists, they come to Vietnam, they play, and they also bring me to repair. Or they send it back for me to fix. The artists in the country also bring it all for me."

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