Atlanta officers use Narcan on an unresponsive driver who crashed

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On February 9th, 2024, at approximately 8:25PM, officers responded to an auto accident near the intersection of Peters Street SW and McDaniel Street SW.

Upon arrival, officers observe that the driver of one of the involved vehicles was unresponsive. Because the doors to the vehicle were locked, responding officers utilized a window breaking tool on their baton to shatter the passenger window of the vehicle.

After breaking the vehicle window, officers were able to safely extract the driver. Officers observed that the driver appeared to be showing symptoms of an opioid overdose and immediately retrieved Narcan from their patrol vehicle.

Officers administered the Narcan to the driver of the vehicle in an effort to reverse the opioid overdose and eventually, the driver became responsive. Firefighters with the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department and EMT’s with Grady hospital arrived on scene a short time later and rendered medical aid to the driver. The driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

AFRD also provided medical aid to the responding officer, who sustained superficial cuts to his hand while breaking the window of the vehicle. This incident is a great example of first responders working together to help save the life of one of our citizens.

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