Foster children, 14 and 12, used AK-47 to fire at cops after breaking into Florida home

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New bodycam footage shows a 14 year-old girl wailing in pain after being shot when she and a 12 year-old foster home friend fired at cops with an AK-47.
Nicole Jackson, 14 and Travis O'Brien, 12, are accused of breaking into a home in Volusia County, Florida, on Tuesday night and arming themselves with an AK-47 and rifle before repeatedly shooting at sheriff's deputies as they tried to persuade them to surrender.
The stand-off ended with Jackson being shot in the chest, with newly-released bodycam footage capturing her wailing in pain after being struck.

The two children are facing charges of attempted first-degree murder of law enforcement officers and armed burglary. The man who owns the home they broke into has since revealed he fears it was targeted because he had a sheriff's star hanging from the window, although no-one was home at the time.
O'Brien appeared in a juvenile court for the first time on Thursday where a judge ordered him to be arraigned on June 23.
Jackson is yet to face court as she remains in hospital after undergoing surgery for her gunshot wound

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