DUI suspects in a stolen vehicle are arrested after attempted to flee from Pierce County deputies

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At 12:08 am, on Friday, March 1st, two of our deputies were riding together on Graveyard patrol when they spotted a white 4Runner SUV driving with no lights on. The vehicle started driving over the white fog line, and they believed this was a good sign the driver was possibly DUI.

The deputies were driving east on 96th St and Pacific Ave in Parkland when they decided to initiate their traffic stop. The driver turned south onto Pacific Ave and then took off.

Given the Reasonable suspicion of DUI, the time of day and light traffic, they decided to pursue the vehicle.

The suspects eventually went down a dead end and got high centered on a pile of logs.

Both the driver and passenger bailed from the vehicle on foot.

Deputies gave chase to the driver and were able to tackle him in the yard of the residence, where he crashed.

The passenger hid behind a fence, but a Tacoma Police Officer located him, gave him commands to come out and took him into custody.

Deputies went back to check the 4Runner and discovered it was recently stolen out of Tacoma.

In addition to DUI and Eluding, the driver was now under arrest for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and the passenger for Taking a Motor Vehicle Without Permission.

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