Song of the Colchian merchant Shalom.

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Fragment of the musical film 'Merry Chronicle of a Dangerous Journey', 1986.

After killing his brother, Pelius becomes king of Iolca. When Jason, the son of the murdered king, returns to the city and wants to take the throne, Pelius invites him to win popular recognition by the fact that Jason will get the Golden Fleece, which is kept as a treasure in Colchis. Jason decides to embark on a dangerous path. He recruits a team of Argonauts who sail to Colchis on a ship called the 'Argo'.

Among the Argonauts are twin brothers Castor and Pollux, the strongman Hercules, the singer Orpheus, the ruined Colchis merchant Shalom and others. On the way, the travelers stop at the island, where they have to make the children laugh, but they fail. Then they go to the country ruled by Amik. He challenges Hercules to a duel, which consists of a musical competition with playing the piano. Then the Argonauts sail to the land of the Amazons, where Hercules remains, who has fallen in love with the leader of the Amazons, Lydia. They also meet the soothsayer bird, who tells Jason that he will conquer Runo at a terrible cost, killing all his companions. In the sea, the Argonauts see sirens, so they have to tie themselves to the masts so that they do not drag them into the ocean.

Finally, the Argonauts reach Colchis. Jason sees that the Runo hanging on the sacred tree is revered by the Colchians and cannot be stolen. Sholom tells him a way out: Jason must marry Medea, the daughter of Aeth, the king of Colchis. And so it turns out: Jason and Medea fall in love with each other, and Jason sets off on the return journey with Medea.

The film ends with the shooting scene of the arrival of the Argonauts in Hellas.

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