Southfield shooting suspect, 2 others caught after chase ends in Detroit

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Three people are in custody after a shooting suspect fled Southfield police and met up with another person in Detroit over the weekend.

Southfield police were chasing the suspect, who was in a Chrysler 300, around 12:30 a.m. Saturday before losing the car. Michigan State Police's helicopter, Trooper 3, caught up with the car near I-96 and the Southfield Freeway and followed it to the Wyoming exit. Once the 300 driver got off the freeway, they headed north to the area of Marygrove and Ohio streets.

Video from Trooper 3 shows the driver stopping near a Dodge Challenger. The Challenger driver got out and spoke to the 300 driver before both cars sped away.

Trooper 3 continued to follow the cars. In the area of Wyoming and McNichols, the driver of the 300 lost control. Police said the occupants got out of the car and got into the Challenger. The Challenger continued on, with a passenger getting out and quickly back into the car in the 6300 block of Diversity.

Trooper 3 followed the Challenger to the area of Gilbert and Michigan Avenue, where all three occupants got out of the car and ran.

Detroit police responded and helped MSP arrest the three suspects.

Police said both cars were determined to be stolen. During a search of the vehicles, police found multiple key fobs and equipment to reprogram keys.

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