Wagoner County deputies release bodycam footage of the moment the search for a violent offender ends

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Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) just released body camera video of deputies and K-9 ICE taking violent offender, Lonnie Replogle, into custody.

Lonnie Replogle has been on the Wagoner County’s Most Wanted list since late April, after he was caught on camera sprinting away from the courthouse.

“Replogle was out on bond and was scheduled to be in district court for his existing charges. He arrived for his hearing, but before his case could be heard by the judge. Replogle asked if he could step out of the courtroom and make a phone call. Upon stepping out, he proceeded to leave the courthouse,” said Lieutenant Jeff Halfacre of the WCSO. “Replogle became a fugitive from justice due to leaving the courthouse, resulting in the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office conducting a 2-week exhaustive manhunt for the suspect.”

Lieutenant Halfacre says that investigators had received an overwhelming number of tips reguarding Replogle’s whereabouts.

They received the same tip twice stating that Replogle was in one of his homes located in Redbird.

On May 11, deputies followed up on that lead and it paid off.

“Multiple deputies set up a perimeter to contain the suspect. Replogle must have been sleeping when we arrived,” said Lieutenant J. Halfacre.

Captain R Kawano, Lieutenant J. Halfacre, Investigator C. Wright, and K-9 Deputy M. Baldwin, and K-9 ICE, announced their presence at the door. Then, they breached the residence.

The body cam video shows K-9 ICE charging inside, urgently searching for Replogle. ICE charges into the bathroom, he jumps up onto the vanity, where he alerts the deputies that he has picked up a scent. The cabinet door under the sink flies open. Replogle is revealed hiding inside the bathroom vanity.

Replogle begs ICE not to bite as Deputy M. Baldwin pulls ICE back into the living room.

On all fours, Replogle crawls forward and surrenders to deputies.

Then, Lieutenant J. Halfacre handcuffs Replogle, ending the two-week manhunt.

According to the Wagoner County Jail website, Replogle is facing 19 charges, including three counts of Kidnapping, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Domestic Assault and Battery by Strangulation.

Replogle did receive a 10-year sentence, but was let out after two years.

For the past two weeks, Replogle’s ex-girlfriend, April Rider, hasn’t been able to eat or sleep. She double and triple checked the locks on her doors.

“I’m finally able to sleep and think clearly,” said Rider. "I am so relieved."

Replogle now sits in the Wagoner County Jail and has been granted no bond.

Rider shared her story of survival, involving her abusive and traumatic relationship with Replogle, with FOX23 in late March.

On April 24, Rider was granted a lifetime protection order against Replogle, which she says he violates every time he is out on bond.

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