Irish coast guard rescue LAMB after the creature falls from cliff

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A lamb has been rescued after taking a terrible fall – down a 10-metre cliff.

On Monday (August 30), The Irish coast guard's operations centre got a call about the poor creature spotted on Lambay Island in the Irish Sea, off the coast of County Dublin.

The animal had become stuck after falling down the cliffside and was in urgent need of assistance.

True heroes, the coast guard set out immediately towards the island, where they found the little lamb.

At first, the sheep – which has since been dubbed "Lucky Louis" by the team – didn't seem to want to be saved, heading towards a nearby cave, likely due to fear.

But two of the crew members managed to coerce him on board the boat.

The lamb, which is believed to be just 7 months old, survived the ordeal with just a few cuts and bruises.

The Irish coast guard shared the story on Facebook, along with photos and a video.

"The Irish Coast Guard 999 operations centre got an unusual call today for the Dublin coastline," they wrote in the post.

"A Coast Guard boat crew from Howth were tasked and headed to Lambay.

"The team arrived on scene and found 'Lucky Louis' had fallen 10 metres down a cliff on the East side of the island and was now stuck.

"Despite the fall Louis was not initially appreciating the attention and made for a nearby cave. Two of the Coast Guard crew managed to secure Louis and bring him back to the boat.

"The lamb was 7 months old and despite some small cuts was otherwise in good spirits.

"From there he was transported back to the Lambay Island harbour on the Coast Guard boat, 'Sean A Dunne' and handed over to staff on the island.

"All’s wool that end’s wool."

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