Dash and body cam shows suspect in stolen Mercedes GT arrested after pursuit in Orange County

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Police dash-cam video shows a high-speed pursuit of a carjacking suspect out of Long Beach, who led officers in a chase through Buena Park and into Artesia where he then attempted to flee on foot before he was ultimately arrested.

The incident occurred on Sept. 7 just before 2 p.m. when an officer with the Buena Park Police Department spotted the stolen Mercedes GT.

“Our officer followed the vehicle while waiting for assistance to arrive, and the driver pulled into a parking lot at Western High School. When our officer continued to follow, the driver knew the jig was up and a vehicle pursuit ensued,” Buena Park PD said in a social media post.

The officer’s dash-cam video shows the driver accelerating through the parking lot and exit onto the roadway, where the pursuit continued on Knott Avenue before transitioning onto the westbound 91 Freeway.

The Anaheim Police Department’s helicopter assisted officers by tracking the suspect from the air.

On neighborhood surface streets in Artesia, the suspect pulled into a cul-de-sac and attempted to flee on foot, jumping over a fence to evade police.

An officer’s body-worn camera captured the foot pursuit as it crossed four lanes of traffic, where the suspect was ultimately arrested in the yard of a nearby home.

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