Security footage shows shooter as he fired 200 rounds during Phoenix rampage

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The Phoenix Police Department has released new security footage documenting a shooting rampage that killed two people and wounded others near 26th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.

Isaiah Williams, 24, allegedly dressed himself in tactical gear and fired up to 200 rounds around a Phoenix hotel before dying by suicide, police say.

On the night of Aug. 28, Williams walked around the hotel and began firing randomly at bystanders and throwing Molotov cocktails.

Security footage recently released by Phoenix police tracks Williams' movements around the complex before officers arrived. The assailant can be seen exiting a hotel room, armed with a weapon and wearing a helmet.

Outdoor security cameras then captured the shooter walking around the parking lot as he fired at cars and nearby buildings.

Misael Arevalo, 36, and Karla Garzona, 44, were fatally shot during the incident and at least three others were injured by flying gunfire.

After Williams allegedly shot himself, investigators reported finding a rifle, several magazines, incendiary devices, a gas mask, and a helmet nearby.

At least two Phoenix police officers were taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the shooting. Several businesses in the area were damaged by the several rounds of ammunition fired by the suspect.

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