No charges filed against St. Petersburg deputy who shot stabbing suspect in Seminole

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The St. Petersburg Police Department won't seek to file charges against a deputy who shot a woman who was coming toward him with a knife, its chief said Wednesday afternoon.

Police investigated Pinellas County Deputy Christopher Ryan's shooting on Monday night as part of the Use Of Deadly Force Investigative Task Force. The task force was established to ensure an agency does not investigate an incident involving its own officers.

"The deputy was in fear of his life, so he discharged his weapon," Police Chief Anthony Holloway said during a news conference Monday night.

Deputies were first called just after 6 p.m. Monday to a home on 95th Avenue N off of 141st Street in Seminole.

Police said 44-year-old Amy Jaeger and her 70-year-old boyfriend were in an argument at their home when Jaeger picked up a knife and started stabbing the man.

The two had been reportedly in a relationship for a year until the man tried to break up with Jaeger on Monday, telling her he canceled their vacation plans.

The man ran outside and was welcomed into a neighbor's home as he called out for help.

Police said Jaeger attempted to follow her boyfriend into the home, using a second knife to try to pry open the door. She was able to pry the trim off the door and stick her hand inside until the homeowner used that broken trim to hit Jaeger's hand.

That's when Deputy Ryan arrived.

Dash cam and body cam footage show Jaeger raising the knife as she walks toward Ryan, despite his multiple commands to drop the weapon. The deputy can also be seen backing up as Jaeger continues toward him.

"She said 'no' several times and four times she said 'kill me now,'" Holloway said.

Ryan fired 11 shots at Jaeger, hitting her several times. She remains at the hospital in critical condition.

The 70-year-old man is also in the hospital.

After completing an investigation, Holloway announced on Wednesday that police would not seek to file charges against Ryan for his use of deadly force.

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