Why You Should Donate Now To Help So-And-So With So-And-So Fundraising Campaign: A personal story asking for donations.

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I need your help. I have an incredible project coming up and I need your help. I would greatly appreciate it if you could donate to my GoFundMe page. I worked in America for twenty years. I left my job due to problems. I moved to Florida to start my life over. I noticed my life was in danger. My situation is that I am having trouble protecting myself and contacting international law about one side of the government's control and all of the income I make stops and takes away. gofund.me/e31fea42

I am unable to make ends meet with the current income from my blog, so I am using my GoFundMe page to ask for help. If you're willing to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. gofund.me/e31fea42

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