Bodycam video shows deadly shootout with Chicago police in Irving Park

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The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released body camera video Wednesday showing a deadly Chicago police shooting in the city's Irving Park neighborhood last month.

Chicago police shot and killed the man, identified by the medical examiner as Isidro Valverde, on Feb. 8 after a bouncer at a nearby bar said the man pointed a gun at him.

At the time, police said there was an exchange of gunfire, but the next day, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability said it was "unclear" whether the man fired at officers. Now body worn cameras show the officers' views of what happened that night.

As a Chicago police officer gets out of the driver's seat, he immediately starts sprinting down the street and as he clicks the audio on his body worn camera, he can be heard yelling "Get on the [expletive] ground!"

A second officer gets out of the passenger seat and starts running. The angle from his partner's silent body camera is much the same. In that shot, you see the man both officers are chasing before the suspect rounds a corner.

Within a matter of seconds and after multiple profane warnings, both officers fire repeatedly. We've frozen the video right before the deadly gunfire.

Several minutes pass as officers wait for medical help to arrive.

"He's still got the gun in his hand," one officer can be heard saying.

One officer eventually is seen kicking that gun from the man's hand

Now, investigators with the Civilian Office of Police Accountability will try to determine if the man who died fired that gun at police officers at any point in that incident.

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