Milwaukee PD released dashcam, body camera and surveillance footage from a deadly police shooting

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The Milwaukee Police Department on Friday, April 7 released a community briefing related to a fatal officer-involved shooting near 91st and Silver Spring.

MPD posted the briefing, which includes body camera video, on the Milwaukee Police Department YouTube channel. The contents and language may be disturbing to some viewers.

It started with a Feb. 21 traffic stop near 70th and Thurston. Officers pulled over a car for driving without license plates. Body camera video shows the car had initially pulled over – but took off when the officer got out of the squad.

Another officer later spotted the car speeding westbound down Silver Spring, and a chase ensued. In the bodycam video, the officer said they were driving 80 mph – the fleeing car well out of view.

The chase ended near 91st and Silver Spring when the fleeing car ran a rad light and crashed into another vehicle. The driver – later identified by the medical examiner's office as 31-year-old Herman Lucas – was seen on police video getting out of the wreck and running off.

According to police, Lucas was armed and ran through a gas station parking lot. Officers chased after him on foot, ordering him to drop his gun. When he tried to scale a fence, bodycam video shows an officer shoot Lucas multiple times.

Officers retreated, the video shows, and moved in with a "tactical approach." The video showed officers drag Lucas by the leg along the ground, and his gun was found underneath where his body had been.

Officers moved Lucas to attempt life-saving measures on level ground while a supervisor requested additional medical help – which police said is standard procedure. Bodycam video showed an officer performing chest compressions. Lucas died at the scene.

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