San Antonio officer shot and killed Ruben Garcia, 34, during a struggle over the suspects firearm

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Newly released body camera footage shows the moments when a San Antonio police officer chased and killed a man who authorities say was armed early one October morning.

A friend of the victim, 34-year-old Ruben Garcia, was calling for the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) to release the footage just hours after the Oct. 23 shooting, telling KENS 5 that Garcia was "face-down on the ground" when Officer John Carroll shot him multiple times. Carroll's body camera video does show the officer and Garcia struggling on the ground over what police said was a handgun before Carroll fires.

The incident began when Carroll, patrolling the 2500 block of South General McMullen, noticed Garcia with a handgun in his waistband and exited his SAPD unit, saying, "Come here, bro, let me talk to you." Garcia instead takes off running, sparking a foot chase during which Carroll unsuccessfully deployed a Taser on him, according to police.

Garcia eventually "tripped and fell" to the ground, at which point police say Carroll "attempted to grab the suspect's hands, but he refused to give them up," leading to the struggle. Garcia can be heard saying, "Boss, please, no" and "I'm bleeding from my head."

About 20 seconds later, Carroll – "fearing for his life," according to an SAPD spokesperson – retreats and fires at Garcia. At least six shots can be heard. Carroll can be heard continuing to yell "Drop it!" at Garcia, who remains on the ground with what appears to be a gun at his side as he looks back at the officer.

Police called medical responders, but authorities say Garcia was pronounced dead at the scene and a loaded firearm found by him.

Online records show Garcia had an extensive criminal history going back to 2007, including 22 previous arrests. He was out on bond for charges of drug possession and resisting arrest when he was shot.

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