Fort Wayne police officer justified in the fatal shooting of a woman in November 2023

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No charges will be filed against a Fort Wayne Police Department officer who shot and killed a woman in November, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

FWPD Officer Mark Guzman fatally shot DaChe’na Warren-Hill on Nov. 19 after officers were called to the 5100 block of Winchester Road for reports of a fight, city police said after the incident. Police say multiple people were fighting at the home and a gold car was repeatedly banging into the house.

A witness told police, right after the shooting, the driver of the car then tried to hit an officer on the scene. Guzman fired at the woman, hitting and killing her.

Neither officer was injured.

The Fort Wayne Police Department released some of the body camera footage of the incident and 911 calls regarding the situation in a compilation video. The video contains graphic video and audio of the incident.

In a news release sent Tuesday afternoon, the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office said they determined there was no evidence of criminal liability.

“The officer was justified in using force, as he reasonably believed that force was necessary to prevent serious bodily injury or death to himself and/or citizens of this community,” the release reads.

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