Redford Township Police requested Trooper 2 to follow a motorcycle that fled from their officers

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Trooper 2 located the motorcycle as it made its way towards downtown Detroit, where troopers were positioned. They attempted a traffic stop and the operator of the motorcycle failed to stop. The troopers did not pursue as Trooper 2 was overhead.

Trooper 2 followed the bike to the Plainview address, where troopers were able to convince the rider to exit the residence. The 27-year-old female from Detroit was arrested. While troopers were wrapping up the investigation, the arrested operator's sister arrived at scene.

She began to interfere with the troopers and eventually a bit one of the troopers on his arm. The 21-year-old woman from Detroit was also arrested. Both were lodged at the Detroit Detention Center pending prosecutor review.

“Another great job by MSP Aviation to get a dangerous driver off the roads in the safest way possible.” said MSP F/Lt Mike Shaw.

“We shouldn’t have to say it but, if your relative is getting arrested, do not assault the officers on scene. You will just end up in jail as well!”

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