Sterling Heights police officer hailed a hero after saving choking infant

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Authorities are praising the quick actions of a Sterling Heights police officer after he saved the life of a choking infant girl last week.

The Sterling Heights Police Department said Sgt. Anthony Roeske displayed "quick, calm, life-saving actions" that saved a 1-year-old child who was choking on an object and unable to breathe.

Police first became aware of the dire incident around 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan, 17. Officers were dispatched to the home on the 4600 block of Fox Hill Drive, with Roeske being the first to arrive.

The sergeant can be seen in body cam footage released from the department getting out of his patrol car and rushing into the garage of the home where the parents were holding their baby girl.

Police said the young child was not breathing when Roeske took the girl into his arms and began preforming back thrusts to try and clear the baby's airway.

"When doing so, the baby coughs up the obstruction and begins to cry," authorities said. The child was then transferred over to the Sterling Heights Fire Department for further care.

Authorities said if it weren't for Roeske's actions, the outcome could have been "tragically different."

"Not only did he save the baby, but Sgt. Roeske did an outstanding job consoling the family," police said in a prepared statement about the incident.

"Once again, the Sterling Heights Police Department strives to provide the best service to our citizens, especially when it matters most," the department added.

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