MSP dash cam video captures teen driver swerving, rolling car on I-75

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A young driver is uninjured after rolling his car on I-75 in Northern Michigan on Tuesday morning – an incident caught on camera by a Michigan State Police trooper.

The crash happened around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday along northbound I-75 near 7 Mile Road near Houghton Lake.

Dash cam video released by MSP on Tuesday shows a trooper from the Houghton Lake Post sitting on the side of the road. As the car approaches, the driver apparently loses control and begins to swerve.

The car briefly goes off the road and kicks up dust before going out of frame.

The trooper immediately turns around and approaches the car, which is seen on video flipped upside down.

The trooper is seen getting out of his patrol car and walking up to the teen’s upside down car. He’s seen apparently talking to the driver through the window as two other men approach.

After a few attempts to open the door, the trooper eventually helped the teen out of the car and they walked away.

MSP officials said the teen was uninjured because he was wearing his seat belt.

“Seat belts save lives,” officials said on Twitter.

It was not clear what led to the crash.

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