Weekend Cinema - More Dirt Floor Engineering From The Stan

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More Dirt Floor Engineering From The Stan... making a new shaft for a large heavy wheel thingy....have no idea for what use but obviously important enough to warrant so much effort - it'd probably be prohibitively expensive to get an original replacement from the OEM - if it is indeed still available then there's the small matter that it's needed 'outthatway...' so the best option is to make it yourself - the major machine being used is a lathe that was built before the First World War (1914-ish) - yep, over 100 years old - but it still works And turns out a reasonable product. Impressed how they set up the large wheeled thingy so as to work on installing the shaft (around the 28:00 mark). Look at the size of the Castle nuts - must be about 3" across... a hefty piece of equipment alright! Again, this is from a Pakistani guy who goes by the tag 'Hydraulic Hands' - he has a great page of posts over at The Tube and he deserves the credit for such an interesting vid (to a rivet counter - but of no use to a Tuk Tuk Merchant or similar so to those characters the advice from Mr Whacko himself is the best course of action for 'em to follow...).

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