Strange road rage incident

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The Primorsky District police accepted a statement from a St. Petersburg resident who was attacked on the road. Judging by the screams of the truck driver, he was taking revenge on him for the entire two-wheeled transport of the city.

As Maxim told "Fontanka", on the morning of August 14, he and his girlfriend went on a small motorcycle trip. We were driving along Marshal Novikov Street, when a garbage truck began to demonstrate strange behavior on the road.

Freight "Scania", according to the young man, wedged between him and the girl, pushing her to the side of the road. She drove around, caught up with Maxim, but the truck caught up with the motorcyclists at the nearest traffic light at the intersection with Verbnaya Street.

“We stopped at a traffic light, the driver of a garbage truck ran up from behind and struck the back of the head with a crowbar. I fell on a motorcycle. He was shouting something that he didn't like motorcycles, ”Maxim said, adding that the helmet saved his head.

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