Duluth Police release bodycam footage from February officer-involved-sho oting

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Authorities have released footage from Duluth’s deadly officer-involved shooting that occurred in February.

The officer-involved shooting happened around 2 p.m. February 24 on the block of E. 3rd Street in between N. 15th Ave. E. and N. 16th Ave. E.

Zachary James Shogren was shot and killed during the incident.

Earlier this month, Cook County Attorney Molly Hicken investigated the incident as a neutral party.

Her investigation found “no basis” for criminal charges in connection with the February 24 officer-involved shooting.

The DPD has now released the body-worn camera footage from the incident.

The incident involved undercover law enforcement officers employed by the DPD assigned to the Lake Superior Violent Offender Task Force.

Authorities say portions of the videos and images from the body-worn camera are redacted and voices are altered to protect identities per §§ 13.82, 13.825, 13.43, and to remove portions that are clearly offensive to common sensibilities §13.82.

“The Duluth Police Department extends our condolences to the Shogren family and those who knew him,” said Chief Mike Ceynowa. “While we mourn the loss of Mr. Shogren, it is important to remember that the officers involved in this incident acted in accordance with the deadly force standard in Minnesota. Events like this are never easy on our staff or our community.”

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