Woman upcycles her shower screen with neat DIY hack

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A woman has upcycled her dull-looking shower screen into a modern chic look for less than £9 and it looks brand new.  

Amy Stanyer-Jones, 24, from Prestatyn in North Wales, had re-decorated her bathroom and wanted to purchase a trendy black framed shower screen to fit her new minimalist design.

However, the graphic designer couldn't find one in that style within budget.  

Instead, Amy decided to upcycle her old shower screen herself using a £1 roll of electrical tape, a £1.50 paintbrush and a pot of metal paint, costing £6.

First, she cleaned the shower screen and dried it off with a towel.  

Then, she used electrical tape to create horizontal and vertical lines on the glass, before painting the edges with black metal paint.  

The entire project cost Amy just £8.50 - and her shower screen looks as good as new.  

Amy posted photos of her upcycled creation on Facebook, and users were blown away by her incredible idea.  

“Hey that looks great! Great idea,” one user said.  

“That looks absolutely amazing. Crazy what paint can do!” another user added.  

“It's gone on really well on the glass. Well done,” one user wrote.   

“I’m very happy with the results, it’s been two months since upcycling my shower screen and it still looks like new!” Amy said.  

“I have lots of materials left over too which is a bonus if it ever needs touching up.

For anyone else who wants to give it a go, Amy has some tips.

She said: “Make sure you measure the tape for accuracy and use the correct paint suitable for metal and water.”

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