Meet Diesel the 'talking' dog that has captured hearts on TikTok with his sassy attitude

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A sassy dog has captured hearts on TikTok with his sassy attitude – with the pooch vocally "arguing" with his owner when he doesn't get his way.

Humans can clearly relate as the 8-year-old Alaskan malamute has gone viral and has over 1.5 million followers mesmerised by his cranky moods.

Allie Piro, 24, from Michigan, US, lives with her adorable dog, Diesel – who loves nothing more than giving his owner an attitude when she disagrees with his requests.

“I have like an hour and a half left of work,” Allie tells Diesel in the clip.

The sassy dog then whines at his human, appearing to be upset and 'talks back.'

This is apparently a regular occurrence, as another video shows Diesel knocking on a glass door angrily and whining to Allie like an annoyed "teenager."

The clip has garnered more than 13,000 comments and users can’t get enough of the dog’s hilarious behaviour.

One person said: “My husky does that same angry knock.”

“I love the angry knocks bro,” another fan said.

“This dog literally speaks English,” someone else said.

“In the videos he’s doing what he does best, chatting away,” Allie said.

“He chats when he has company, he chats when he’s on his walks, he chats when he needs something.

“My reaction to him talking is just that I always laugh or chat back.  

“I’m so used to it because he’s been doing it for eight years.

“He’s the sweetest dog but gets so sassy when he wants something.”

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