IMPD releases body cam video from September shooting, killing 37-year-old Eric Taylor

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Indianapolis police on Tuesday released body cam video and other evidence surrounding the Sept. 19 police-involved shooting of Eric Taylor.

The department released a 10-minute video that included recorded 911 calls and video from cameras worn by officers who responded to the area of Madison Avenue and Stop 10 Road on the south side.

During the incident, as seen in the video, IMPD officer Bryan Gibson discharges a single shot from his service weapon. The shot hit Taylor, who was transported to Eskenazi Hospital, where he later died.

The video shares the 911 call from Taylor's child and the child's mother, who says Taylor is chasing them in their car.

Body cam video shared in the edited video released by IMPD shows officers meeting with the mother, who points out where Taylor is.

Following a short pursuit, Taylor exited his vehicle in the 1800 block of Portage Terrace with a cell phone in one hand and a gun in his other.

While outside of the vehicle, Taylor stretches out his arms and tells officers to "just shoot me" multiple times. When Taylor walks back to his car and starts to climb into the passenger side, Gibson discharges his weapon.

Throughout the course of the video, body cam footage is shown from three separate officers — including Gibson.

At the scene, following the incident, IMPD Sergaent Shane Foley shared the following statement with media.

"This is a very tragic situation," IMPD Sgt. Shane Foley said. "Nobody wins in this incident. At the same time, we're thankful that the female who made contact with police is safe, and we're thankful that her kids are safe. Had the police not responded — had she not left her home — we don't know what could've happened or how this could've ended tonight."

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