Brookfield police release bodycam video of officer-involved shooting

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Brookfield police have released police body camera video of last month’s deadly officer-involved shooting in the township.

The footage contains elements that some may find disturbing — please proceed with caution.

On March 20, Fred Wild III, of Liberty, led officers on a police chase that began in Lordstown and ended on railroad tracks in Brookfield Township, where officers lost sight of Wild.

The bodycam footage shows when Brookfield police responded to a 911 call early March 21 regarding a man trespassing in a cabin on private property.

As officers approached the suspect, later identified as Wild, he jumped out of a window of the cabin and got into a stolen vehicle, according to a joint news release from investigating agencies.

According to investigators, Wild did not comply with commands and drove toward officers in a stolen pickup truck with a snowplow attached to the front.

In the video, officers can be heard yelling at Wild to put his hands up multiple times. A few seconds later, the engine of the pickup truck revs, and it starts to drive forward with the plow down. Officers then can be heard firing their weapons.

Wild was hit by the gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene.

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