West Allis dash cam video of police chasing a reckless driver is stopped with a PIT maneuver

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West Allis police released dash camera video on Thursday, Aug. 31 of a police chase that started in Hales Corners earlier this month.

Hales Corners police were in pursuit of the SUV on Highway 100. The driver was suspected of being intoxicated and was driving recklessly.

A West Allis squad joined the police chase around Highway 100 and W. Arthur Avenue – while another officer was able to deploy a tire deflation device around Highway 100 and W. Greenfield Avenue. The suspect vehicle appeared to strike the device – as it lost at least one front tire in the pursuit.

As the speeding vehicle continued north on Highway 100, the driver turned east onto Watertown Plank Road. A West Allis police officer was able to perform a PIT maneuver – to end the pursuit.

The driver abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot, but was soon apprehended.

The suspect, a 29-year-old Milwaukee resident, was turned over to Hales Corners police for further investigation related to a number of offenses.

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