Bodycam Shows YouTuber ‘IShowSpeed’ Handcuffed by Ohio Cops After Swatting Call

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Footage of the arrest was posted showing police approaching Speed and placing him in cuffs.

Police were eventually informed that the situation was likely a swatting with Speed’s friend explaining that the cops could just check out the livestream for some proof.

After being told that police had received a call by someone using his name claiming that he wanted to hurt his family, Speed made it clear that it was “obviously a lie.”

The cops went on to explain to Speed’s family that if an incident like this were to happen again, they would already have his address on file so it seems like the same problem wouldn’t occur.

Nonetheless, given the severity of the call, the streamer was lucky to not get hurt, as swattings have proven to be lethal in the past and are highly illegal. In 2015, swatting was made a federal crime in the United States.

It’s not yet clear if police have arrested the viewer who called in the swatting or if they’re actively investigating the situation.

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