Bodycam shows Broome County Sheriff’s Deputy saves overdose victim using Opvee opioid antagonist

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A Maine man regained consciousness from an overdose in the Town of Maine within 45 seconds of a Sheriff’s Deputy administering Opvee, the new FDA approved opioid antagonist Broome County officers recently started using.

On Monday, May 20, near midnight, Broome County Deputies responded to a 911 call from the mother of a man saying he was not breathing. Police say the man had a history of opioid use and was suspected to have overdosed.

Six minutes later, a deputy first to the scene gathered the needed equipment and found the victim on his bedroom floor with “a weak pulse and agonal breathing.” The mother told the officer she’d given him Narcan five minutes earlier, but it wasn’t working, as he was still unresponsive.

The deputy administered a 2.7 mg dose of the Opvee nasal spray and rubbed the man’s sternum as part of the procedure. Within 45 seconds, the man regained consciousness and was verbally responsive to the officer.

The man declined further medical attention from EMS.

“Excellent work by our Road Patrol deputies in acting quickly to save this man’s life,” said Sheriff Fred Akshar.

“Opvee is working exactly as we had anticipated, successfully restoring normal breathing and bringing unresponsive victims back when Narcan doesn’t seem to be enough. The Broome County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to saving lives whenever possible in our community, and this new tool is making that job easier when every minute counts.”

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