Dog rescue captured on police body cameras at Ann Arbor's Gallup Park

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It happened in a moment: a dog’s owner let her off the leash to play catch at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor. They were enjoying the morning.

Then, the dog saw swans just past the ice and decided to chase.

“She just took off, somehow she knew it was solid and about 20 feet out it just broke,” said David Sanfield, Frankie’s person.

Sanfield says he started to walk into the water at Gallup Park, but realized the river got deep fast. He called 911. Ann Arbor police and fire responded.

Sgt. Kory Petterle with the Ann Arbor Police Department says he improvised. They realized the ice was too thin to walk on, so they grabbed a battering ram and threw it to break a path.

“She’s losing it, and I am thinking for sure I am witnessing her end. It is terrifying,” Sanfield said.

The work to save Frankie was all caught on police body cameras. She is now safe and sound.

“I couldn’t be happier with the end result because I have a living, breathing, warm doggie here,” Sanfield said.

“I was just happy I could help this guy out,” Petterle said.

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