Bulloch County release dashcam video following deadly high-speed chase

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Authorities in Bulloch County have released dashcam video days after a police pursuit resulted in the death of a 27-year-old man.

According to the Bulloch County Sheriff's Office, a deputy attempted to stop Ashton Mingle around 4:47 a.m. Sunday for driving on a suspended license and for a felony warrant.

Mingle refused to pull over and led the deputy on a chase on Pulaski Road, leading toward Candler County.

In the above video, the deputy is seen following Mingle with lights and sirens for several minutes.

The chase is seen starting around 60 mph. But the deputy can be heard updating dispatch with "speed is at 82," "105 and climbing" and "113."

Soon thereafter, Mingle's vehicle strikes a bridge and goes into the water below.

According to the crash report, Mingle's vehicle "vaulted into the air and traveled approximately 75 feet before making an uncontrolled final rest..."

The BCSO said deputies jumped into the water and freed Mingle from the vehicle but he was pronounced dead by EMS upon their arrival.

On Wednesday, Sheriff Noel Brown released the dashcam video following questions from the public and media. Mingle's family received a copy prior to its public release.

Georgia State Patrol is investigating.

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