OU releases bodycam footage of fan arrested during November 19 game against Oklahoma State

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The University of Oklahoma Police Department released more details on Friday about an arrest that happened during a football game on campus back in November.

The university's police department said law enforcement officers working the game against Oklahoma State on November 19 were called to the east side of Gaylord Stadium to help with crowd control and fan safety.

Officers, including some with outside agencies, began working to clear the aisles and control the flow of fans entering the bowl at stadium ramps.

According to police, one man, who they did not name, refused to leave the aisle, assaulted a non-OUPD officer, and resisted arrest.

Police said the man was in the student section of the stadium, but the game ticket he later provided to police was for a different section. It was later learned the man was last enrolled at the university in the fall of 2020.

Officers said the man resisted arrest as they struggled to take him into custody in the aisle. A team of officers tried to minimize the risk of the man injuring himself or others, according to police.

Officers were eventually able to get the man in handcuffs and brought him into custody inside the stadium.

Once inside a holding area, police said the man became combative and continued to resist their orders after being asked to sit on a bench.

Police said an officer asked others to clear a space to he could move the man to the ground, a flat surface away from the hard edges of a bench.

Just prior to being moved, police said the man suddenly lost consciousness for an unknown reason. Police said the officer moving the man didn't realize he had lost consciousness until several seconds later.

At that point, paramedics were called and moved the man into a seated position as he began to regain consciousness.

After being taken to the Norman Regional Hospital for evaluation, the man was brought to the Cleveland County Detention Center after getting arrested for assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, public intoxication, and resisting/obstruction of an officer.

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