'Redneck Rave' descends into CHAOS

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Forty eight people have been charged after a 'Redneck Rave' (or what the trumpturds tend to call, congregation) in Kentucky descended into chaos as one man had his throat slit, a woman was choked in a fight over a blanket (probably she didn't wanted to have sex with her cousin, like usually happens between trumpturds) and another man became impaled on a log.
Thousands of people attended the five-day Redneck Rave festival at Blue Holler Offroad Park in the small town of Mammoth Cave, 90 miles south of Louisville, last week.
Dozens of attendees were charged with a range of offenses from drug trafficking to felony assault.
Some were left seriously injured as grisly scenes unfolded at what organizers billed as 'America's wildest and craziest country party'.
Of the more violent incidents, one man had his throat slit by a friend after a drunken fight.
In another one and in a separate incident, a 29-year-old by the name Lancer Hodges was arrested after he allegedly strangled a woman until she passed out when they got into a fight over a blanket.
And in another one, A man driving a side-by-side at the festival also ended up with a log impaled in his abdomen.
Authorities say the man drove over the log but it broke through the floorboard of his recreational vehicle and stabbed him in the abdomen.
There were multiple others who suffered severed fingers, broken bones, dislocated joints and severe lacerations at the festival.
Medics also treated dozens more who had become ill because they were so drunk.
By the end of the festival, 48 people were charged with varying offenses.

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