Florida Cop Praised for Saving Unresponsive Driver Who Drifted Into Intersection

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A Florida police sergeant has been praised for his quick thinking after dashcam footage showed him deftly bringing a moving car to a stop after an unresponsive driver in West Melbourne drifted into a busy intersection on Sunday, June 18.

Footage released by West Melbourne Police Department shows Sgt Justin Cantees waiting behind a blue car at the intersection between Hollywood Boulevard and Henry Avenue.

The car can be seen slowly drifting into the intersection.

The West Melbourne Police Department said the driver, a 77-year-old man, had become unresponsive.

Cantees can be seen exiting his vehicle and, upon realizing the driver in front is not responsive, jumping back in and deftly using his police cruiser to stop the drifting car.

“Cantees was able to quickly assess the situation and position his vehicle to stop the vehicle. His quick thinking prevented this minor incident from becoming a bigger one. The male was checked out by medical personnel on scene and is reported to be doing well,” the police department wrote.

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