Dashcam video shows Georgia driver nearly hit pedestrian, ram patrol cars during traffic stop

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A Georgia police department shared an intense dashcam video that depicts a dangerous traffic stop.

The approximately four-minute video shows the driver nearly hitting someone standing at the scene and ramming multiple patrol cars. Police said Sierra Hibbert was arrested and no one was seriously injured, including a small child who was in the back seat.

Police said the incident happened Friday on Ga. Highway 42 when someone reported an SUV driving recklessly, almost hitting oncoming traffic.

Byron police said officers tried to block the vehicle on Highway 42 near the intersection with Highway 49. The driver was uncooperative and officers placed spikes under her tires.

Police said the driver backed into a car and pulled forward, hitting a Byron police officer and a squad car. Police said they drove forward again and drove down Highway 49.

Cars blocked the driver in after a brief pursuit. Officers pulled the driver from the car and cuffed them.

Some bystanders appear to try to take matters into their own hands. Video shows them banging on the windows. During the arrest, they pull a child from the back seat.

"The Byron Police Department is extremely grateful for the citizens that helped," a statement from Byron police said.

No charges have been announced and the Peach County Sheriff's office is handling the investigation.

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