Fire rips through factory in northeast Thailand

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Fire ripped through a masonry supply store in Thailand after two electric forklifts being charged burst into flames in Thailand on Sunday evening.

Five fire trucks were deployed to extinguish the blaze at the delivery drop-off area of Home Mega Mart Company in Buriram province on October 3. Firefighters said it took more than 30 minutes to bring the fire under control.

According to initial reports, the fire destroyed two forklifts with no signs of arson found at the scene.

Surasit Ruangsuksriwong, 62, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Home Mega Mart Co., said the electric forklifts were docked at the charging station every evening for use the next day.

He said: ‘Today, employees were working as usual by charging at the same point, which is the delivery point in front of the company to protect safety.’

Meanwhile, his daughter Wimuttisita Ruangsuksriwong, 18, said the company started charging the batteries outside as an additional safety measure.

She said: ‘[The charging station] is also close to the company’s security unit. But I didn’t think a fire would actually happen. Fortunately, precautions were taken.’

A short circuit is believed to have caused the fire, which cost the company around 500,000 baht in damages.

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