Eau Claire Police help orchestrate marriage proposal

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A couple is engaged after some help from the Eau Claire Police Department.

ECPD posted video on social media Tuesday of them pulling over a car near the Pablo Center. They told the man there was an issue with his license and asked him to step out of the car. Another officer then asked the woman to step out of the car.

The man appears to be getting handcuffed by one of the officers, moments before he gets down on one knee. Then, she said yes.

ECPD officials told News 18 the future-groom, Troy Goldschmidt, reached out to them and asked if they could assist him in proposing to his now-fiancé, Moriah Prichard.

"A few months ago they were in Eau Claire for a weekend away when Moriah lost her cell phone and Officer Maggie Andersen helped her recover it. They had a very positive experience with Officer Andersen and Troy was hoping she could be involved in the proposal," officer Josh Miller said. "Troy said they were coming into town again this weekend to see a show, so he and I coordinated to do a traffic stop on them when they got into town."

The entire proposal was captured on body camera, with ECPD posting to social media, "you never know what's going to happen on a traffic stop."

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