Are you comfortable in your own skin

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I love my own race, my race doesnt give me a problem in my town, we have fun... I do not bring my own race down... I do not have self hate either. Therefore I am not prejudice... prejudice is derived from the hatred of ones self. Your self hate and feeling inferior makes you hate another race... someone wouldnt hate another person because of their race unless they had hate inside for themselves.. you inferior feeling of another race is exactly what causes you to feel the need to prevent judge another race... or hate another race... if you were happy with yourself, and didnt hate yourself, you would make others feel hated would you???? If you did not feel inferior to another race, or jealous of another race, you wouldnt team up with others your own skin color to bring another race down would you???? You treat others the same way you feel on the inside. If another race makes you feel good about yourself, like your a real person, you show that same feeling to them outwardly...... by treating them the same way!!!!

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