Man, woman charged after high-speed chase in stolen car

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A Milwaukee man and Waukesha woman were charged after leading Waukesha police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car on Monday.

Quincy A. Bonman, 22, and Amari L. Watson, 22, face a slew of traffic and drug charges. Prosecutors say the night began when an officer tried to pull the car over and the driver ignored the flashing lights and fled. The chase began in Waukesha and moved onto I-94 where officers were forced to use three pit maneuvers before they were able to surround the car.

According to a criminal complaint, an officer responded to a vehicle with a stolen license plate around 3:10 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 15.

When Waukesha police activated emergency lights, the vehicle initially began to slow and pull over as if it were to stop. However, the complaint says, the vehicle then sped away on East North Street.

The complaint says the vehicle reached speeds of 80 mph in a 35 mph zone as it fled from four fully marked patrol vehicles with their emergency lights and sirens on.

The vehicle then reached 90 mph as it turned right onto an on-ramp to I-94 where the chase then accelerated to 110 mph. Police utilized their first tire deflation device, which was unsuccessful. The fleeing vehicle then reached speeds of 115 mph.

A Waukesha County deputy was able to successfully deploy a tire deflation device, and the suspect vehicle lost a tire on its passenger side. The complaint says the vehicle then slowed to 50 mph. As the vehicle slowed down, an officer conducted a pursuit intervention technique on highway 94 near Moreland Road. The vehicle then did a 180-degree turn.

The complaint says two more techniques were conducted before successfully pinning the vehicle in.

The driver, identified as Bonman and the passenger, identified as Watson, were taken into custody.

Several drugs and drug paraphernalia were found inside the vehicle.

According to the complaint, after Bonman was arrested he said he had "dope" in the car and said he was "real high and intoxicated."

Bonman also said he had been smoking crack, stating, "I got the pipe and the crack in the car."

The complaint goes on to say Bonman continued to admit to several crimes, stating "I'm high off the kite" and "I was doing like speed racer off the crack... I thought I was in the movie."

Bonman later told police he was trying to smoke all the crack before officers stopped him, stating he was "taking hits while I was trying to get away."

Bonman has been charged with the following: attempting to flee or elude an officer, drive or operate a vehicle without owner's consent, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of tetrahydrocannabinols. A $15,000 cash bond was set for him on Tuesday. He has a preliminary hearing in court on Aug. 26.

Watson was charged with operating a motor vehicle without the owner's consent and possession of a controlled substance.

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