3 suspects stole cash, drugs in 'takeover' robbery at Livonia pharmacy arrested after police chase

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Three men accused of stealing more than 100 bottles of drugs from a Livonia pharmacy were arrested last week after crashing during a police chase in a stolen car, authorities said.

In a press release provided on Thursday from the Livonia Police Department, Dwayne Brown, 29, of Detroit, Quentin Bridges, 23, of Detroit, and Alonzo , 19, of Oak Park, were arraigned earlier this week on charges of Unarmed Robbery and Larceny in a building related to the incident on June 16.

The three men were captured on video arriving in a stolen blue Kia Forte to Ray’s Pharmacy at 37672 Professional Center Drive in Livonia around 5:48 p.m. last Friday, authorities stated.

The suspects stormed the building in what police describe as a "takeover" robbery. They allegedly assaulted an employee, stole cash and over a hundred bottles of prescription drugs, including Fentanyl and Oxycodone, before fleeing the scene.

Police were able to get an accurate description of the getaway car and the three suspects from the pharmacists and a moment later, another Livonia police officer monitoring traffic on I-96 just east of Newburgh spotted the trio in one of the eastbound lanes.

"The officer activated his lights and a siren, and the suspects failed to stop, eventually exiting the freeway onto Schoolcraft Road west of Merriman," the department added. "The suspects continued to flee southbound on Merriman with the officer in pursuit"

According to authorities, the Kia occupied by the three men ran a red light at the intersection of Plymouth and Merriman and crashed into a 2016 Corvette driven by a 28-year-old man from Livonia.

The Kia also struck a Dodge Caravan driven by a 41-year-old man from Montgomery, Illinois, with three other adult male passengers inside.

The alleged getaway car then wrecked into the side of a utility pole before it finally came to a stop. The three suspects then jumped from the vehicle and continued the chase on foot, police said.

Police gave chase and all three suspects were apprehended near the crash scene without further incident.

"There were no reported injuries to any of the occupants of the two vehicles struck by the Kia," police added.

Bridges and were arraigned in the 16th District Court on June 20, where Bridges was given a $500,000, 10% bone. was ordered held without bond.

Brown was arraigned from a local hospital, where he remains hospitalized due to injuries from the crash. Brown was also charged with being a Habitual Offender, Fourth Offense.

`He was ordered to be held without bond.

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